Company Profiles


The Food Safety business is part of the global science-based technology company, 3M.
3M offers a comprehensive range of food safety solutions: rapid hygiene management and allergen control; advanced
pathogen detection; sample handling; end product screening; and supply chain product temperature monitoring.



Applied Maths, a bioMérieux company, develops and markets BioNumerics, the leading microbial data analysis software
and EpiSeq, a cutting-edge tool that investigates HAI outbreaks.


R-Biopharm AG

R-Biopharm develops groundbreaking solutions in the fields of clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis with innovative
and reliable products. Reliable analysis is very important for the health of patients and consumers.


ifp Institut für Produktqualität GmbH

ifp is an accredited food testing laboratory offering a wide range of analytical services such as microbiology, allergen and
GMO testing. ifp also develops and produces innovative rapid test kits.


Zymo Research Europe GmbH

Zymo Research, also known as “The Epigenetics Company”, has been serving the academic scientific communities by providing
DNA and RNA purification products and has developed the novel ZymoBIOMICS™ portfolio as a comprehensive solution for
microbiomics and metagenomics from collection to analyses.