Speaker´s preview room

The speaker´s preview room is located on the 1st floor at “Konferenzraum 1”. Speakers are kindly asked to hand in their presentations at least 3 hours before their lecture. Speakers giving a presentation during the first-time slot in the morning are asked to hand in their slides the day before. Speakers giving the first presentation on Tuesday morning are kindly asked to hand in their presentations between 08:00 and 08:30 on Tuesday morning. Please prepare your PowerPoint presentations with an aspect ratio of 4:3. All rooms are equipped for the presentation of PowerPoint files (data projection). Macintosh presentations (PowerPoint and Keynote) will be converted to Windows PowerPoint presentations. Mac users should avoid using exclusive Mac fonts and animations while creating their presentations.

Opening Hours

Day Date Time
Monday 3rd September 2018 14:00–16:00
Tuesday 4th September 2018 08:00–16:00
Wednesday 5th September 2018 08:00–16:00
Thursday 6th September 2018 08:00–11:30

*Subject to be changed


Technical Requirements

The speaker´s preview room and all meeting rooms will be equipped with Microsoft Windows based notebooks. For smooth operation of sessions, speakers are requested not to bring their presentation directly to meeting rooms. All presentations and additional media files have to be delivered to the speaker´s preview room before the corresponding session starts. Verification of proper performance in the speaker´s preview room is essential, particularly if video and/or animation are included in the presentation. When reviewing your presentation in the speaker´s preview room, make sure all fonts, images, and animations appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly. The following presentation file types are the acceptable:

  • Microsoft Office: PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx),
  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf),
  • Media Files (.wmv, .mpg, .avi,.swf, .wav, .mov, .mp3).


Oral Presentations

Presenters are advised to finalize their presentations well in advance. Presentation time is 15 min, followed by 5 min for questions/discussion. The presentation time for keynote presentations is 25 min, followed by 5 min for questions/discussion. Please make sure that your presentation does not take longer, chairpersons are advised to strictly follow the schedule and to interrupt if necessary.