Programme Thursday 6th September

Times / Room Session



Room: Audimax

Plenary Sesson E

Mickaël Desvaux, St-Genes-Champanelle (France)
Martin Lössner, Zurich (Switzerland)

09:00–09:40 KN06 Foodborne cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis – Current and future challenges

Una Ryan, Perth (Australia)

09:40–10:10 K5 Contamination of meat by Escherichia coli O157:H7: Characterisation of the bacterial cell interactions with the different skeletal muscle types, subtypes of myofibers and extracellular matrix components

Mickaël Desvaux, Clermont-Ferrand (France)

10:10–10:40 K6 RAKIP: resources for harmonized annotation and efficient exchange of risk assessment models

Matthias Filter, Berlin (Germany)

10:40–11:30 Coffee Break and Poster Walk

Room: Audimax

Parallel Session E

Mickaël Desvaux, Clermont-Ferrand (France)
Martin Loessner, Zurich (Switzerland)

11:30–11:35 Presentation of the best poster for the topic E
11:35–11:55 O5.1. Cold adaptation of Bacillus cereus: What happens during the lag phase?

Marina Francais, Avignon (France)

11:55–12:15 O5.2. Differential diagnostics of enteropathogenic Bacillus cereus based on marker proteins

Markus Kranzler, Vienna (Austria)

12:15–12:35 O5.3. Phenotypic microarray analysis reveals variations in carbon source utilization and stress resistance profiles among selected clinical and food related Listeria monocytogenes strains

Francis Muchaamba, Zurich (Switzerland)


Room: Hörsaal A

Parallel Session E

Règine Talon, Saint Genès Champanelle (France)
Una Ryan, Perth (Australia)

11:30–11:50 O6.1. Tracking antibiotic resistance from environmental reservoirs to the food chain

Maria-Theresia Stergiou, Wädenswil (Switzerland)

11:50–12:10 O6.2. Prevalence of mycotoxins in selected Nigerian fermented foods

Adewale Obadina, Abeokuta (Nigeria)

12:10–12:30 O6.3. Bacteriophage-encoded tail fibers for improved detection of pathogenic bacteria

Matthew Dunne, Zurich (Switzerland)

12:35 Conclusion and Closing Ceremony

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