Programme Wednesday 5th September 2018

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Room: Audimax

Plenary Session C/D

Elke Arendt, Cork (Ireland)
Fernando Pérez-Rodríguez, Cordoba (Spain)

09:00–09:40 KN04 Individual cell-based Food Microbiology: Insights into a “noisy” World

Kostas Koutsoumanis, Thessaloniki (Greece)

09:40–10:10 K3 Extensive biodiversity of raw milk microbiota analyzed by amplicon sequencing and cultivation – Impact of methodology and library preparation

Mareike Wenning, Freising (Germany)

10:10–10:40 K4 Next generation bacteriophages: Novel tools for food microbiology

Martin J. Loessner, Zurich (Switzerland)

10:40–11:30 Coffee Break and Poster Walk

Room: Audimax

Parallel Session C

Luca Cocolin, Turin (Italy)
Sophia Johler, Zurich (Switzerland)

11:30–11:35 Presentation of the best poster for the topic C
11:35–11:55 O3.1. Limits of detection of next-generation sequencing in food microbiology

Erin Lewis, Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)

11:55–12:15 O3.2. Quick Genome Analysis using TORMES

Narciso M. Quijada, Valladolid (Spain)

12:15–12:35 O3.3. An Information Technology based platform for food safety and quality management systems

George Nychas, Athens (Greece)


Room: Hörsaal A

Parallel Session D

Siegfried Scherer, Freising (Germany)
Karsten Nöckler, Berlin (Germany)

11:30–11:35 Presentation of the best poster for the topic D
11:35–11:55 O4.1. The synergistic effect of combining low and high radio frequency electric fields on microbial inactivation of Escherichia coli in saline water and fruit juices

Adel Rezaeimotlagh, Sydney (Australia)

11:55–12:15 O4.2. Identification of novel genes involved in high hydrostatic pressure resistance of Escherichia coli

Elisa Gayán, Leuven (Belgium)

12:15–12:35 O4.3. How to design heat treatment regimes in a variable world: Is the average microbial resistance, the 95th percentile, or the 99th percentile the best target?

Marcel H. Zwietering, Wageningen (Netherlands)

12:30–14:00 Lunch Break and Poster Walk

Room: Audimax

Parallel Session C

Luca Coccolin, Grugliasco (Italy)
Sophia Johler, Zurich (Switzerland)

14:00–14:20 O3.4. Rethinking the Bacillus cereus group in the age of whole-genome sequencing: novel insights into phylogenetic topology, taxonomy, and virulence potential

Laura M. Carroll, Ithaca (United States)

14:20–14:40 O3.5. Towards the discrimination of closely related species from Bacillus cereus group using MALDI-TOF MS proteomic profiles – or how to find a needle in a haystack!

Florence Postollec, Quimper (France)

14:40–15:00 O3.6. Molecular typing of Listeria monocytogenes in isolates from foodstuffs and food-processing plants in Germany

Stefanie Lüth, Berlin (Germany)


Room: Hörsaal A

Parallel Session D

Siegfried Scherer, Freising (Germany)
Karsten Nöckler, Berlin (Germany)

14:00–14:20 O4.4. Microbiota analysis to reveal temperature abuse of fresh pork

Tasja Buschhardt, Kongens Lyngby (Denmark)

14:20–14:40 O4.5. Effect of pluck set removal techniques during slaughter on pig carcass contamination with hygiene indicator bacteria, ESBL/AmpC-producing E. coli, Salmonella and Yersinia enterocolitica

Wauter Biasino, Gent (Belgium)

14:40–15:00 O4.6. Cultivation-independent quantification of thermotolerant Campylobacter

Ewa Pacholewicz, Berlin (Germany)

15:00–15:45 Industry Workshop supported by 3M
15:00–16:00 Coffee Break and Poster Walk

Room: Audimax

Parallel Session C

Mareike Wenning, Freising (Germany)
Herbert Schmidt, Stuttgart (Germany)

16:00–16:20 O3.7. Deep metatranscriptomic sequencing indicates stable microbial community across seasons and suppliers for protein meal factory ingredient

Niina Haiminen, Yorktown Heights (United States)

16:20–16:40 O3.8. Microbial diversity and functional diversity in low-temperature Daqu microbial community revealed by metagenomics

Yi Fan, Beijing (China)

16:40–17:00 O3.9. Characterization of new food species and potential symbiotic interactions by metagenomics

Pierre Renault, Jouy-en-josas (France)

17:00–17:20 O3.10. Halophilic and halotolerant bacteria: From environment to cheese

Bedis Dridi, Jouy-en-josas (France)


Room: Hörsaal A

Parallel Session D

Thomas Alter, Berlin (Germany)
Chris Michiels, Leuven (Belgium)

16:00–16:20 O4.7. Clostridium botulinum – New extensive cardinal
parameter growth and growth boundry model for saltreduced
lightly preserved seafood

Ioulia Koukou, Kongens Lyngby (Denmark)

16:20–16:40 O4.8. Population genetic structure of Listeria monocytogenes strains isolated from the pig and pork meat production chain in France

Benjamin Félix, Maisons-Alfort (France)

16:40–17:00 O4.9. Lactic acid bacteria producing anti-fungal compounds: From plant protection to cereal product

Elke Arendt, Cork (Ireland)

17:00–17:20 O4.10. Harnessing environmental biocontrol lactic acid bacteria for fresh produce safety

Mark Turner, Brisbane (Australia)

17:30–18:30 National Delegates of the ICFMH
(open to ICFMH National Delegates)
19:00–22:00 Conference Dinner

Käfer Restaurant

Deutscher Bundestag

Platz der Republik 1

11011 Berlin

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